The gambling industry has expanded in many nations around the globe. Although it is not yet lawful in the majority of nations, online gambling sites are proliferating. At least a portion of these online casinos allow players from all over the world.

What are you waiting for if you presently reside in Ethiopia and want to join in the fun? This guide will assist you in selecting the most reputable online casino. We will examine the state of gambling in Ethiopia and inform you precisely what to look for in the very best online casinos.

Gambling’s Past in Ethiopia


Ethiopia’s wagering history dates back to the 1970s. The National Lottery Administration was established in 1961 by proclamation number 183. Initially, the Lottery Administration was responsible for the national lottery alone. In addition, it was the sole lottery operator in the country.


But gradually, over time, the Lottery Administration expanded its responsibilities beyond the lottery. In 1981, after reorganization, the Lottery Administration became the sole entity responsible for regulating and governing all gambling-related activities.


Ethiopia Gambling Law

We have previously discussed the Ethiopian National Lottery Administration. It is authorized to issue wagering licenses. Any casino wishing to establish operations in Ethiopia must obtain a license from the Lottery Administration.


Ethiopia, unlike some African countries, allows wagering. It is, at least in some forms. Casinos on land are permissible. However, this type of licensed casino is unique. Regarding online wagering and sports betting, there is no oversight.


Therefore, gamblers in Ethiopia have legal access to international online casinos.


Casinos on Land in Ethiopia

Regarding land-based casinos, Ethiopia has only one licensed casino. However, its selection of titles and services is limited. The casino is located in Addis Ababa and offers slot machines and roulette. The casino has nothing more to offer besides these two games.


Ethiopia’s Future in Online Gambling

The country lacks online wagering regulations. Therefore, technically Ethiopian participants can access online casinos. However, it does not appear feasible for operators to locate themselves in Ethiopia in the foreseeable future.


As of 2023, the internet penetration rate in Ethiopia is 25%. Compared to other African nations, this is not excessively high. The number of mobile carriers is also relatively low. This is the reason why proprietors are discouraged from establishing online casinos and sportsbooks.


Due to the aforementioned factors, proprietors do not believe it would be worthwhile to invest in an online casino. Therefore, the future of online wagering in Ethiopia is uncertain.


Acceptable Banking Choices

When selecting an operator, please consider the payment methods it accepts. The finest online casinos will provide the most popular payment options. These include Visa, MasterCard, electronic wallets, and bank transfers. If an operator provides these methods, you can proceed.



While there is room for advancement in certain areas, we do recommend online casinos in Ethiopia. The internet penetration rate and mobile connectivity service are both poor. Nonetheless, gambling is lawful in the country, leaving the door open for future operators to establish themselves.



Check out this FAQ if you have any additional concerns about gambling or any other aspect of it. It ought to contain answers to your concerns.


Are online casino sites authorized in Ethiopia?


Legal and regulated by the National Lottery Administration, gambling is permitted. Online wagering is unregulated, however. Therefore, participants can gamble in offshore casinos without legal repercussions.


Which online casino is the finest in Ethiopia?


You can discover a list of the casinos we recommend in Ethiopia. These casinos have all met our criteria for inclusion on the list. Among these, we recommend Slots Heaven because of its exceptional incentives and customer service.


Which online casinos in Ethiopia offer the highest payouts?


There are variations in payout alternatives between casinos. This is the only difference between casino payout methods. We recommend that you try out the PlayLuck casino, as its payout options may be of interest to you.

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