Australia’s leading sports betting sites in 2023

Australian sports betting is enormous. However, with so many sports betting sites available, it might be difficult to determine which one to test out initially. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the top sports betting sites for 2023, so you can get the finest wagers, odds, and bonuses in one spot.

Avoid Australian sports betting sites

While we’re all about providing the finest betting experiences for Australian gamers, there are some potentially harmful sites out there. So that you are aware of which betting sites to avoid, we have put them to a blacklist.


Top ten sports betting in Australia

Australian betting enthusiasts like wagering on a vast array of sports, but there are a few that consistently prove more popular.


A-League Soccer Wagers


Australia’s premier professional soccer competition, the A-League, will be well-represented on the finest betting sites. Betting is open throughout the A-League season, which normally lasts for eight months. After the regular season concludes, the top six clubs participate in the A-League finals, with the Grand Final determining the overall winner. Additionally, you may wager on other prominent soccer leagues from across the globe.


Australian Rules Football Wagering


Aussie Rules Football is the most popular sport in terms of fan attendance and broadcast viewership in Australia. The AFL is the only completely professional men’s league in Australia, with 18 teams. Finding the appropriate AFL odds is crucial, especially when it comes to September’s highly anticipated Grand Final.


Cricket Betting


Test, One-Day, and Twenty20 internationals are distributed across the calendar year, along with domestic Australian competitions like as the Big Bash League, Matador BBQs One Day Cup, and Sheffield Shield. Australian cricketers are also prevalent in the Indian Premier League, the English County Championship, and other leagues. With so many betting opportunities, the sport is a favorite among Australian gamblers.


Wagering on Horse Races


The Melbourne Cup is the culmination of the Australian horse racing season. The event, dubbed “the race that stops the country,” has 10 events with varied awards and racing durations throughout the day. Aside from the notable November event, there are races nearly every day at prestigious tracks including as Caulfield, Moonee Valley, Rosehill, and Randwick.


Rugby Union Wagers


The NRC is Australia’s premier rugby union competition, often taking place between August and October. Super Rugby, which runs from February to July and includes clubs from New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina, now includes Australian clubs. If you’re still not satisfied, the Australian national team is normally active from June to November.


Basketball Betting


The National Basketball League (NBL) is Australia’s professional men’s basketball league, however the NBA is by far the most popular basketball betting league in the world. The NBA season typically spans from October through June. With each club playing 82 games throughout the regular season, there is a plenty of betting opportunities.


Tennis Betting


The Australian Open, one of the four grand slams, is held annually in January in Melbourne. Tennis is extremely popular in Australia. With Wimbledon, the French Open, the US Open, and the ATP Finals occurring throughout the year due to the nature of tennis, it is possible to wager on major tournaments year-round. Ashleigh Barty is one of the world’s finest female tennis players, while Alex de Minaur, John Millman, and Nick Kyrgios are among the greatest men’s players.


eSports Betting


Professional video game competitions are referred to as eSports. You may wager on the most valuable player or the game’s ultimate score. Similarly to conventional sports betting, eSports bettors utilize real money to put wagers. In recent years, betting on video games such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Call of Duty, and Overwatch has grown increasingly popular in Australia.


UFC/MMA Betting


In recent years, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has helped make Mixed Martial Arts one of the most popular sports. It has been popularized by global superstars such as Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey, while Robert Whittaker and Alexander Volkanovski are among the greatest names in Australia. There are events all year round.


Boxing Betting

Boxing is an excellent sport for wagering, as there are a multitude of championships to be fought for throughout the year in various weight classes and by various governing organizations. Betting may increase the fun of watching Canelo Alvarez, Anthony Joshua, and Vasyl Lomachenko compete. Betting markets include the manner of knockout, the number of rounds a bout lasts, and the overall winner.


Online versus offline betting

Today, everything is conducted online, including betting. Increasing numbers of Australians choose to wager online rather than at a traditional betting shop. Here are a few examples of what you may anticipate while betting online, as well as the benefits you will encounter:


A wide variety of attractive sign-up incentives.

The opportunity to get an early payout

Ability to make deposits and withdrawals at any time and from any location.

The ability to quickly switch between multiple service providers

How We Rate the Best Online Sportsbooks


As more and more sports betting sites develop in 2023, we want to assist you in locating the best one. Our methodical procedure ensures that every website we recommend is worth your time and money. Check out the section below to learn how we evaluate each website and determine who makes the top ranking.


Variety of Sports, Markets, and Betting Options

First and foremost, a decent betting website will provide access to a vast array of sports. From Aussie Rules and soccer to rugby and cricket, we’re searching for a website with an abundance of possibilities. Each site we endorse will provide a variety of wagering options in order to earn our approval. We anticipate seeing anything from accumulators and system bets to interactive in-play features.


Variety of Sports, Markets, and Betting Options

Competitive Odds and Additional Options

With so many betting sites available, we will evaluate how generous a site’s odds are in comparison to its competitors. This is done to ensure that you are receiving the most value for your wager. We’ll also be searching for other features, such as live streaming, early cash-out choices, and statistics on each sporting event.


Competitive Odds and Additional Options

Bonuses & Special Offers

To compete with the elite, promotions and incentives must be considerable. Whether it’s an enticing welcome bonus, weekly bonuses, or a VIP program for the most devoted consumers, a top-tier website should provide something meaningful. In addition, we will compare the quality of each site’s offer to their terms and conditions.


Bonuses & Special Offers

Safety, Security, and Customer Service

Only sites with the greatest financial and security requirements are recommended. For each evaluation, we will do a comprehensive background check encompassing the site’s license, certification, and auditing procedure. Then, we’ll evaluate the security of their website and the quality of their customer service.


Safety, Security, and Customer Service

Banking & Payouts

During each online evaluation, we will investigate the deposit and withdrawal options available. Typically, we would anticipate a selection of credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Then, we will examine the payout times to ensure that no player is kept waiting for their gains.


Banking & Payouts

Mobile & Apps

A vast majority of gamblers prefer to utilize mobile devices. We will thus evaluate how well a website is optimized for touch-screen devices. Bonus points are awarded to sports betting sites with an updated, fully-functional app.


Mobile & Apps Site Rating

If a site meets our rating criteria, it will be included on our selection of the best Australian sports betting sites. Our skilled staff of reviewers ensures that they examine and update our reviews as needed so that you may make the most informed wagering selection possible.

Variety of Sports Wagering Odds


In Australia, betting odds are generally stated as decimals, but it’s important to be aware of how prices appear in other countries. Due to the worldwide nature of sports betting, you may occasionally find fractions or the American moneyline form of odds. Regarding all forms of odds in the sector, it is important to be vigilant.


How do decimal odds work?

Decimal odds are expressed as two-digit whole values multiplied by your bet. This indicates that a $10 wager on odds of 1.65 would result in a payoff of $16.50. This is the most frequent method of showing sports betting odds in Australia. Evens, the traditional term for doubling your money on a wager, is written as 2 or 2.00.


Evens Decimal

How do fractional odds work?

The representation of fractional odds is two numbers separated by a slash. The number preceding the forward slash indicates how much you will win for each unit of the number after the forward slash that you will wager. A $5 wager with odds of 4/1, for instance, would result in a $4 profit for every $1 wagered. Therefore, the total returns of the wager are $25, consisting of $20 in profit plus the initial wager. You may find fractional odds on occasion, but they are significantly more prevalent in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.


Chance Fractional

What are American odds (moneyline odds)?

The moneyline odds are expressed as positive or negative numbers. Similar to fractions, a moneyline wager indicates the profit associated with your wager, thus it is essential to include your stakes when computing total returns. When betting on American sports such as American football with the NFL, baseball with MLB, or basketball with the NBA, you may face moneyline odds.

How to Determine Your Winnings in a Bet


The objective of gambling is always to generate a profit. Consequently, it may be important to know precisely how to calculate your wins. Using decimals to calculate your return is considerably simpler than it appears; consider the figures below as a basic introduction.


How to determine your payout from a single wager

1 Multiply your wager by the odds you have selected.

If you put a $10 wager with chances of 2.3%, you would collect $23 in profits.

This amount includes your initial wager, which is shown as 1 in odds.

How to calculate your double wager winnings

  1. Calculate your earnings from your initial stake using the preceding procedure.

2 Multiply your profits by the odds of your second wager.

If you put a $10 wager with odds of 2.5 and 2, you would receive a total payout of $50.


If your wager exceeds a double, calculating your return might be difficult; nevertheless, most reputable sportsbooks will calculate your return for you.

Australia Sports Betting Frequently Asked Questions


How does sports betting work?

In sports betting, one predicts the outcome of an athletic event, wagers money on that outcome, and, if accurate, wins money. Find a sportsbook you enjoy, then make a wager on a sporting event in an attempt to win a certain sum of money – defined by the amount of your wager and the chances of that occurrence. If your prediction is true, you will get your payment.


Who determines the betting odds?

Typically, the odds on a bookmaker’s own sports betting website are determined by the bookmaker. When doing reviews, we compare each site’s odds to those of its competitors to see how generous they are.


What are the top sports for wagering?

In Australia, the most popular sports for wagering include soccer, cricket, Aussie Rules football, horse racing, and rugby union. There is no conclusive answer to the question of which sports are better for betting. To maximize your chances of winning, it is generally advisable to wager on sports you have some knowledge of.


Which sport is the safest to wager on?

Each sport is unique, thus there is no definitive solution to this question. We recommend betting on a sport in which you have extensive experience. If you have extensive information about each team and its players, you will be able to make an informed choice.


How do I get better at sports betting?

The greatest tactic is to understand your wager. Always begin by familiarizing yourself with the game’s rules and wager kinds. Research and intelligent wagering may make a significant impact.


May I receive a bonus?

Every online sports betting site offers new consumers a sign-up bonus. So that you may increase your bankroll, compiles an exhaustive list of the most tempting deals available on the Australian market.


Is internet gambling widespread in Australia?

Yes. Sports betting is a tremendously popular activity in Australia, with millions of bettors placing wagers on every major athletic event in and out of the nation. There is a plethora of reputable online bookies to choose from, and they all consistently draw significant Australian sports betting audiences.

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