Neuroscientist + Biggest Loser Dr. Ray Talk How To Heal

After you’ve experienced an event that leaves a dramatic impression on you, how do you recalibrate to get your mind and body back to a place of homeostasis? Triggers, tension and stress can make it challenging regulate your emotions, choose your focus and release any negative energy that your body holds. On this week’s show… Read More

Vulnerability and Rewiring: How Do We Engage Both?

Only two days after the Boston Marathon bombing the city, the nation and all of us as individuals are still working to integrate this new tragedy into our understanding and the fabric of our lives and histories. One of the largest issues this kind of trauma brings up is the reality of our vulnerability. In… Read More

Dream Revision Technique

Do you have recurring nightmares that are just about to drive you batty? If you listened to the YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA episode, “Using Your Dreams in Trauma Recovery”, then you heard me talk all about my recurring nightmare and how it changed and evolved over the course of my post-trauma recovery. You also would… Read More

Changing Direction: How Veterans and Civilians Battle Back

How do warriors transition out of the military and into life after trauma with PTSD/TBI? Not easily! But there are some terrific organizations that help, support and clear the path. The transition out of trauma and into the world is also a challenge for civilians who find themselves hating more than loving themselves. When you… Read More

Quick Clip: What Does Treatment for Trauma Mean?

When I was struggling after my trauma I didn’t realize the problem was trauma, not me. What I mean is, yes, the dysfuctional being was me, but the reason for it and the driving force behind my dysfunction was the trauma. For a long time I just thought (and accepted the fact) that I was… Read More

Trauma, OCD and Positivity: How They Function Together

After trauma you’re doing your best to keep yourself safe and in control. In order to accomplish this things may, er, get a little out of control! It’s very common for trauma survivors to develop obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Why does this happen and what can you do about it? Those are the topics we’ll discuss with… Read More

How to Manage, Control and Defuse Anger

If you’re a trauma survivor or know someone who is then you know that survivors often experience floods of emotion. Particularly in anger can become a huge issue. Learning how to hold your center when the anger hits – and how to not lash out at everyone near you – means learning solid techniques that… Read More

How Possible Is It To Heal Trauma?

So many people (survivors, mental health professionals, society) are dedicated to the idea that once you are broken you can’t be fixed. So many times I hear people say, “You can’t overcome trauma, you just have to learn to cope and live with it.” I completely disagree! And so should you if your goal is… Read More

Trauma, Technology And The Brain

Many people spend years unable to find the proper treatments and medications that assist in their healing. Now, due to an extraordinary technological breakthrough, there are changes on the horizon! New technology is able to read the needs of everyone’s brain individually and help doctors treat disorders such as PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, and many… Read More

How To Effectively Communicate Pain

During and after trauma you may have experienced such enormous pain that it became impossible to speak about it. Even today you may have trouble finding words to communicate your experience in the past. I had that problem, too. In fact, in my book BEFORE THE WORLD INTRUDED there’s a whole chapter entitled, ‘No Words’. This week… Read More

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